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Graham started playing piano at the age of 6, and continued to learn through to secondary school. He added flute, trumpet and tenor horn to his repertoire before being given his first drum kit at the age of 15. Since then he has not turned back, becoming a professional drummer and percussionist available for sessions, depping, recording and tuition.

Having quickly graduated to performing with local originals bands around his home town, Graham went to Aberystwyth university in 2006 to study physics. He continued to perform and support the local music scene around Ceredigion assisting with light and sound at a number of festivals in Wales, further developing his craft.

After graduating and moving to Northamptonshire, in 2011 Graham auditioned for his first cover band, Fraudio. Graham helped Fraudio develop from a local pub band to one of the top wedding function bands on Alive Network playing in excess of 60 weddings, corporate events and private functions across the country every year.

Since joining Fraudio, Graham has also teamed up with childhood friend Jess Vincent, recording on his first full-length album Shine with her and producer Reg Meuross at Nine Volt Leap studios in Melksham. Graham continues to perform with Jess as part of a duo when both of their schedules allow. Videos of some of these performances are available on the Media page.

In early 2016 Graham joined Cairo, a new UK-based progressive rock band formed by former Touchstone keyboardist Rob Cottingham. He recorded their debut album 'Say' at Outhouse Studios with producer John Mitchell. Say was released on the 3rd October 2016.

Alongside his performance duties, Graham has started a thriving drum tuition business from his studio in Rushden, Northamptonshire; providing one-on-one private tuition to students of all abilities and ages. 



For his duties with both Cairo and Fraudio, Graham uses Mapex Meridian drum kits


10" Tom
12" Tom
14" Floor Tom
14" Mapex Snare
14" Humm Drums Snare
22" Kick


12" Tom
14" Floor Tom
16" Floor Tom
14" Humm Drums Snare
13" Carrera Terrier Snare
22" Kick

Graham Drums.jpg


For those shows where an acoustic kit is too loud, for MIDI triggering and recording

Roland TD30K
Roland SPD SX



Schlagwerks 2inOne Snare Cajon
De Gregorio Snare Cajon

KORG CP200 Stage Piano

Samson Headphone Amplifiers
Shure Microphones
Sabian, Zildjian and Stagg Cymbals

ProMark Sticks
Evans Skins