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Kim Seviour


'Chiasma' is taken from the album 'Recovery Is Learning' by Kim Seviour The album is released on 28th July 2017

'Call To Action' is taken from the album 'Recovery Is Learning' by Kim Seviour The album was released on 28th July 2017


Devil's Gate Media - Recovery Is Learning | Review

"The playing is top quality throughout. Opener ‘Chiasma’ has a fantastic instant intro, turning the guitars and drums up to maximum as they come spewing out of the speakers. It quickly settles into a quieter groove as Seviour pours her heart out, but the power is never too far away, as the guitars constantly creep in to make their presence felt. Likewise, ‘Call To Action’ has instant appeal as the drums come crashing in from the word go. A big, big drum sound on this beauty."




First video single from UK-based band CAIRO's debut album 'SAY'.

Track - Say
Album - Say (Released on 3rd October 2016)

Katrina lyric video - a song from Cairo's debut album 'Say'.

Track - Katrina

Album - Say (Released 03/10/2016)


Echoes And Dust: Cairo - Say  |  Review

"Special mention has to be made of Graham Brown’s exceptional drumming: his playing displays a tasteful restraint when it is called for, but on the more rock-oriented fare he’s a force to be reckoned with, clattering around his kit with infectious abandon."

John Tucker: Cairo - Say  |  Review

"Graham Brown, a versatile and multi-talented instrumentalist"


JESS Vincent


Live at the Unicorn Theatre, Abingdon.
with Graham Brown on keyboards

Jess Vincent performs on Gramophone Armageddon episode 5 live at The Convent and on




Fraudio performing 'Get Free' live in session with Alive Network at The Silk Mill Recording Studios (2018)

Fraudio performing Bruce Springsteen's hit song, Dancing In The Dark 100% live and acoustic at Alive Network's recording studio - The Silk Mill. (2018)